I have a degree in Medicine. I am a dentist and an international teacher of dentistry, inserted into boards of scientific societies such as the Italian Academy of Conservative and the Italian Society of Endodontics.

I have published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals and my books have been translated into various languages.

While practicing photography and writing at the same time. I have many years of experience in photography, theater, poetry and literature, alone and in collaboration with musicians, poets and directors. Author of photographic and literary publications.

I have exhibited my works in collective and personal exhibitions.

I was editor of Snapgle site (Siena International Award).

I am currently one of the curators of 100ASA Gallery.

In 2011 I created the “Home Concerts” project in Brescia, together with my wife Roberta and my daughter Matilde, bringing many international well-known musicians and artists to private homes.

About (my) photography

After many years of high level medical profession, I want to run over artistic path, linked to photography and my humanist interests.

I am very interested to the traditions of the people and to the anthropological aspects of the populations.

People, completely sponthaneous, natural and unaffected by the photographer, are the centre of my artistic research.

Unprepared portraits, people surprised by the shot, resumed with the expression and in the moment they hit me, without having time to understand what I’m doing: the representation of unposted faces, with the subject suspended within himself; not a forced representation of himself or a photographer’s interpretation, but a snapshot of the person like I meet them, surprised by my camera, anticipating every possibility of giving me an interpretation of themself.

They are anti-static, natural, spontaneous, real, surprised and suspended photographs, taken in the real context identifying the person.

Photography without artificial lights, which uses the elements present, not as if it were an outdoor seating room, which constructs and orders the elements of the composition.

“Traditions are the safeguard of fire, not adoration of ash.” (Gustav Mahler). A struggle between tradition and contemporaneity, between past and present.

In the series about religious processions in Sardinia, women and men are suspended between past, present and future, rooted in millenarian traditions made of gestures, rhythms, music, dances and gazes. Young people and children wearing forefather clothing, with the consciousness of being part of a long path that wants to affirm its future: there is no future without a past.

The picture of the soul, the feelings I try to penetrate and make explicit.

I always show my photographic works in black and white, in order to focus the attention on the expression, not being distracted by the sometimes superficial and strange emotion of color.