Books: Words, Photos

Photographic books, but not only.

Words are my collateral artistic passion.

But, what is art? Who is an artist? I can’t define myself “artist”; only other people perhaps could say “he is an artist” about me (a posteriori?)

My expressive way of being doesn’t want to be confined into a specific genre, category or kind. I am not a photographer! I am not an artist! I only want to tell stories and I have the fortune that somebody wants to take interest in them. So I have the incentive to narrate them every day.

And so I realize novels and poems to highlight photography even more. I can’t produce music, because I am hopelessly tone-deaf, but I can use musical productions sometimes to complete my works.

Anno 77.12


Canti di Speranza, 2019





Calendars with CSB SPA, Brescia

Book, Festa Internazionale del Circo Contemporaneo, Comune di Brescia 2000>2005    Fotografie: Umberto Favretto – Matteo Marioli – Pietro Dalmiglio, PietroPhto – Giovanni Cavalli – Leone e Vitali, Matrix – Olivier Chambrial – Maurizio Roatta – Philippe Cibille – Christian Lompech – Christophe Raynaud De Lage