Photo workshops

Sardinian Carnival: Gavoi, Mamoiada, Sartiglia in Oristano, Tenores …

From 20 to 24 February 2020

Enrollment: Atelier C srl – -mail to

The setting – explore

Carnival in Sardinia is not a common event and it’s strongly felt by Sardinian People. Masks, freaky disguises, dances and songs characterize the celebrations. The villages in the Island deeply change; black and white become the colours of Carnival remembering the ancient origins of mysterious rituals. Grotesque farces, satirical theatre, paradox plays are the features of this event that you have to live in person.

Get involved – look

People who take part in the Sardinian Carnival get involved in every celebration and actors and spectators are mixed up together. Fava beans and lard, fritters and wine are the guaranteed fellow travellers of this unbelievable trip. These are very favourable and incredible situations to take pictures. The objective of this worksop is to bring participants to the best spots of the events and experiment on the field the photography of people taken in a very exciting context.

The Experience – capture

Shooting in this environment will be an incredibly challenging experience, both for prosumers and professionals. The rhythm of the events and the beautiful caos of life we will be facing will open up to so many amazing chances to capture emotions, feelings, love and life.