Photography + Dentistry Teaching = Meet People

For several years now I have been carrying on a project whereby the trips I make have an apparent dual purpose: to teach dentistry in countries where there is a great need for scientific information and, at the same time, to immerse myself in local realities, often aided and literally conveyed precisely by the fact that I am on the spot not only as an image-grabber but also as a bearer of something valuable (not just trivial though necessary money).
Thus I meet people, an infinite number of people, and I can also exercise my great passion, which is to photograph faces, beings moving and stirring in the most various environments.

Addis Ababa, Makallè in Ethiopia, Eluru in India are the last places.

Often I am accompanied by other people and this too is a privilege to live not in solitude incredible experiences.
Thanks to my wife Roberta, Cecilia, Filippo, Matilde, Greta, Dario recent precious travel companions.

And thanks to Renato Gullà, Fth. Maria Joji and Fth. Raju to believe in me.

Next stop? Eluru, the first days of January 2023 and Vizag 7th January 2024.

Thanks to Dr.Srinivas Kandarpa for the greta Vizag meeting organization!

Next stop Addis?