‘Travel Document’

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Project Statement

“Faces as documents bearing inscriptions of our origins, the trip of genetic make-up across the centuries and the continents.
The measuring of the digital-numeric parameters on the portraits reveals surprising outcomes: long voyages, movements, migrations.
The project presented consists of individual images, which are to be considered as being in connection with each other and must therefore be read in succession as a logical whole. I presented the first three single images to explain the project, the suggestions and the scientific connections.
I then presented the complete work which is made up of triptychs with the contents explained in the 3 initial images.
The triptych is a truly complete work that simultaneously represents the living person (Portrait), where he or she is travelling from (Biometric scan*), and at the same time recalls the vicissitudes, dangers and many failures of travelling over the centuries (Drowned insect). The work goes beyond purely photographic art and combines scientific and artistic elements.
*The biometric scan is based on the 9 ancestral groups used by Genotest, National Geographic.”